"We know that ALL THINGS work for good for those who love God."
-Romans 8:28
The situation surrounding the coronovirus is tense and chaotic.
But we believe that God can use ALL situations for his glory,
can use ALL situations to lead us closer to Him.  
Here are some resources for you, as families,
to grow in your relationship with Jesus.

One of the ways we can grow in our faith is by reading the Bible together.  We as Catholics have it easy!  The Church provides Bible readings every day!  Pick one passage or read all as a family during your daily prayer time.  You can find the daily readings here.

Read the Daily Readings

Our livestream opportunities are a great way to still engage in Mass and Adoration from afar! can even wear your pjs while you watch!

Check the home page of the

website for information about

livestream times.

Live Stream

Even though Mass is not an obligation at the moment, it’s still so important to remember the faith, and send the message to your kids that even though you might not be able to attend Mass, Jesus is still a priority in your home.  Click the link above for mass resources for kids. 

Weekly Mass Resources

Most of us know about

Saints like St. Francis of Assisi

or St. Nicholas, but do you

know St. Baldred?  St. Ludan?  Listen to these short stories

and learn about some of the heroes of our faith!

Saint Stories for Kids

If you have older kids, Fr. Mike Schmitz would be a great person for them to follow on YouTube.  He's super engaging!

Check his videos out here.

Ascension Presents

The Catholic Sprouts Podcast is a daily podcast for Catholic kids. The short episodes are designed to plant one seed of faith each day. Topics covered include Catholic Feast Days, Morality, Catholic Theology, the saints and the sacraments.

Catholic Sprouts