Information Regarding our Return to Public Sacraments

  • Bishop Brennan dispenses the Catholic faithful who reside in the Diocese of Columbus and all other Catholics currently in its territories from the obligation of attending Sunday Mass and Holy Days indefinitely.

  • Though we wish that all could gather with us for the celebration of the Eucharist, we cannot guarantee complete safety at this time.


Schedule for Mass, Confession, & Adoration

Weekend Mass Schedule

Saturday: 4:30pm at Holy Redeemer, 5:00pm at Holy Trinity

Sunday: 9:00am at St. Peter, 10:30am at St. Mary (livestreamed),

and 4:30pm at Holy Redeemer (Bi-Lingual)


Daily Mass

Monday-Friday: Noon at St. Mary (will also be livestreamed)

Saturday: 9:00am at St. Mary (will also be livestreamed)



Monday-Friday: 12:30pm at St. Mary

Wednesday: during the Holy Hour for the Year of St. Joseph from 7:00-8:00pm at St. Mary 

Saturday: 3:00-4:00pm in the Holy Redeemer Activity Center, 3:30-4:30pm at Holy Trinity


Holy Hour for the Year of St. Joseph

Wednesdays from 7:00-8:00pm at St. Mary


Scioto Catholic Livestream Opportunities

Mass on Monday-Friday at 12:00pm 

Mass on Saturday at 9:00am

Sunday Mass at 10:30am

Adoration on Wednesday from 7:00-8:00pm


Step 1: Decide Whether You Should Come or Not

  • We ask that those in the highs risk categories as described by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines please stay home during this time, come for the distribution of Holy Communion at the end of the weekend Masses, or even consider going to daily Mass instead of the weekend.  

  • If you have a fever, have a cough, are sneezing, have fatigue, or are experiencing shortness of breath, please stay home. 

  • We will continue to livestream Mass even after public Masses have resumed.

Step 2: Before Coming to Mass

  • Make sure everyone in your family has a mask to wear.  Masks must be worn by all who are entering the Church at any time.  If you have a child who cannot wear a mask, please do not bring them.

  • Maintain good hand hygiene.  Wash your hands prior to coming to Mass, bring your own hand sanitizer, sanitize before and after touching any hard surface and avoid touching any surfaces. 

Step 3: During Mass

  • Realize that Mass will look different. 

  • You are to maintain physical social distancing in the Church.  That is defined as 6 feet between others.  Members of the same family are not bound by safe distancing.

  • Holy Water will not be available.

  • Masks must be worn by all who are entering the Church ANYTIME.

  • Priests and deacons will not be wearing masks during Mass, but we will be celebrating Mass ad orientum, as we have during the livestream, in all our parishes, to help reduce the spread of germs.  We will wear masks when we distribute Holy Communion.

  • There will be no offertory procession.  Your envelopes and weekly offering can be dropped in baskets at the end of Mass.  

  • There will be no Sign of Peace.  

Step 4: Communion & Conclusion

  • We will not distribute the Chalice during the reception of Holy Communion.  

  • You will receive your bulletin as you leave from a volunteer who will be wearing a mask and gloves.

  • If you do not feel comfortable coming to Mass yet, you may watch our Mass Livestream at 10:30am or on EWTN (or other outlets) and come for Holy Communion at the end of weekend Masses.  Please social distance yourself as you form a line inside and outside the Church.  Please follow the guidelines of wearing a mask and please use the front doors to enter the church. You will be let in once everyone inside has received Holy Communion.

Please know of our prayers for you during this time.  

We cannot wait for the day when we can all be together to worship!