First Communion is one of the biggest days of your child's life.
On this day, and every time they receive Jesus in the Eucharist, they will experience HEAVEN ON EARTH and will be CLOSER TO JESUS THAN EVER BEFORE.
Since schools are closed and Parish School of Religion is suspended,
we want this page to help YOU, as parents, continue their
preparation for this great Sacrament.
"So what do I need to do to keep up with my child's
preparation for First Communion?"

Videos and leader guides for parents are available here:

We will send an email with specifics about which sessions

to view for each of our preparation programs.

Watch the Blessed

First Communion Videos

The Act of Contrition

can be hard for children to memorize unless they go over it consistently.  Please pray this with your child daily and go over the steps for the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

Guide for Confession 

Practice the 

Act of Contrition

Every Day

Each family is to create a First Communion Banner as an opportunity for the First Communicants to think about and discuss the significance of the Sacrament that they are about to receive.


We have banner kits available; email if you want one.  Or you can find instructions here to make

your own.

Work on the

First Communion