St. Monica Choir (All Ages)

The St. Monica Choir performs at the 12:00pm Sunday Mass at St. Monica and at various Liturgical celebrations throughout the year.  The choir director for St. Monica is Regina Craig and the organist is John Craig.

St. Peter Choir (All Ages)

The St. Peter Choir performs at the 9:00am Sunday Mass at St. Peter and at various Liturgical celebrations throughout the year.

The choir director for St. Peter is Hope Villareal and the organist is Joyce Riepenhoff.

Other Music Ministry Opportunities

Cantors: These individuals aide our Liturgies by guiding the congregation in song. These ministers fulfill a special portion of the Mass by singing the Word of God. As such, these individuals must also be comfortable with leading the responsorial psalm, where alternating solo and congregational singing is expected. These singers are expected to sing tunefully, as well as be comfortable with facilitating in front of the parish via the ambo. If interested in this ministry, please contact the Music Director.

Instrumentalists: Instrumentalists are very welcome to participate in the Liturgies here at Scioto Catholic. If interested in offering your gifts via this ministry, contact the Music Director to schedule a one-on-one meeting to see how we can best use your talents.