The prophet Jeremiah was only thirteen years old when the Lord called him to preach to the nation of Israel.  His mission was to remind the people to be faithful to the covenant they had made with God. While he was met primarily with rejection he remained steadfast in his faith, and as a result became one of the greatest prophets in the history of our salvation.  Skipping ahead a few centuries, in the Gospels, we meet a young girl from an unknown town in backwater Israel.  Being only a teenager she willing accepts to bear God’s son.  Her title now: Mary, the Mother of God.  She too was met with rejection but remained faithful to her son, even as he hung on the Cross.  Her reward was to meet him again after he rose from the dead, and be crowned Queen of the Angels and Saints as she was brought into heaven.  These moments in the history of our faith show us that God is not afraid to place great love and courage into the hearts of the young.  


We believe that He can do similarly great things with your child, no matter how young.

Our Parish Schools of Religion are places where children in preschool-8th grade can come to learn more about Jesus and the Church that he founded.

The teenage experience is one marked by the thirst for happiness, the desire to know and define oneself, to discover the meaning of life, and prepare to live outside of their parents' care. Many young people seek to satisfy this thirst by drawing water from the broken cisterns of the world: disobedience, lust, drugs, alcohol, false friendship, popularity, grades, future career plans, etc.  Only Jesus Christ and the Church offer the the living water which fully quenches their thirst. We seek to holistically offer access to the Well of eternal life. Through individual, small group, and large group discipleship we hope that every middle school and
high school student will drink and be satisfied in this life and the next.